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Red Maps include a special shopping section called "You Should Know" that highlights unique boutiques and merchants.  They can be historic, iconic, as well as brand new.  Here's a selection of some one-of-a-kind Paris shops:

And as you know, every Red Map includes hundreds of the best boutiques in a city. Our Paris guide has over 500 shops listed with their addresses, ensuring you'll leave the City of Lights penniless!  

  Cooking Tools

  E.Dehillerin18 rue Coquilliere
  The ultimate kitchen supply store for the home gourmand.

Food Purveyor
  Ets Lion7 rue Abbesses
  Since 1895, a chic emporium for the epicurean in you. 

  Goumanyat & Son Royaume3 rue Charles F. Dupuis
  Purveyor of spices to some of the world's best chefs.

  Maison Maille - 6 pl.Madeleine
  The grandfather and most famous of France's fine mustards.

  Caves Auge116 Blvd Hausmann
  Rare wines, from this purveyor who has been in business since 1850.

  Jardins du Roi Soleil32 Blvd de la Bastille
  Accessories and ornaments for a garden to rival the Sun King. 

  Marche St. Pierre2 rue Nodier
  This market, known as the "Temple of Seamstresses," is where you'll find every conceivable textile.

Ribbon & Trim
  Mokuba - 18 rue Montmartre
  The ultimate source for ribbon of every style, make and material.

  Ultramod3 rue du Choiseul
  Selection of the finest trim, ribbon and threads.

  Benneton Graveur75 Blvd Malesherbes
  Luxury stationery and desk accessories.

  Calligrane4-6 rue Louis Phillipe IV
  Paper of every fine grain and texture.

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