Outdoor Summer Festivals in Amsterdam


garden maze in AmsterdamLooking for things to do in Amsterdam this summer? Here's the Red Map Amsterdam's list of the major outdoor arts and music festivals taking place in this charming city of canals.  Warm Weather, Great Food, You're There!

Vondelpark Open Air Theatre
Open Lucht Theater in Vondel Park
May to September 
At the center of Amsterdam's central park is an open-air stage for music and comedy, also known as as the Vondelpark Happenings.

Pluk de Nacht
Throughout the City
Open-air movie screens are setup around the city to watch comedies and horror movies - the film genre transcends language, so everyone can enjoy the show. Check out the schedule.

Milkshake Festival
A wonderful music festival with a beautiful theme of Love, Respect, Freedom and Tolerance - perfect that it happens in amazing Amsterdam.

Amsterdams Hortus Festival
Botanical Gardens of Amsterdam
July -August 
Listen to live classical music on a summer evening as you stroll the flowering paths of Amsterdam's botanical gardens.

Amsterdam Gay Pride
Throughout the city
July - August
This is one of the biggest, over-the-top gay pride parties in Europe, with a famously entertaining flotilla of themed boats and parties.

This is the big Amsterdam cultural event that kicks-off their autumn season.  Over 450,000 people will come to hear music performed throughout the city by over 2,000 artists.

Amsterdam's Official Website
Don't forget to maximize your stay by checking out Amsterdam's official city site.

Images are from event groups' websites.  Top: Hortus Festival; Vondelpark OpenLuchtTheater. Bottom: Pluk de Nacht; Milkshake; Gay Pride Amsterdam
logos of Amsterdam music & film festivals

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