SILICON VALLEYS: 5 City Guides to Tech Capitals

$ 49.00

Set of 5 City Guides to
Boston, New York, San Francisco, Seattle + Brooklyn L.I.C.

Perfect for the, Silicon Valleys' set of cities are at the forefront of the industry and science.  But it won't be all work when you're there, so the guides give you all the sights and diversions you need to be entertained and well-fed!

Attractions on the maps include our curated lists of hotels, boutiques, restaurants, cafes, museums (with collection highlights) galleries, theatre, architectural and historical landmarks, parks and more.

The perfect size accordian-fold map:
Open:  24x9 in/61x23cm
Closed:  4x9 in/10x23cm
A Red Map is matte-laminated, making it easy to read indoor and out.