Map of Peru's early societies with green cover..
Map of Peru with Sacred Valley of the Incas.
Peru Map showing where Inca and other ancient civilizations and societies lived.
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Peru Ancient Civilizations Map

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Map of Peru's Inca Cities and Ancient Sites

Our Peru map gives you interesting facts about the Inca Empire and its settlements in the Sacred Valley where Machu Picchu and Cusco are located.

Map includes brief descriptions of other Peruvian ancient societies such as the Nazca, the Norte Chico and Caral-Supe civilizations - who go back to 3000 BC. Peru is one of five of the world's Cradles of Civilization. Its stories and peoples are amazing!

This map is a great way to learn and be introduced to ancient Peruvian societies and history. This is a good map for kids too to learn about Peru's early history.

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Map Size Open: 12" x 9" 30.5cm x 23cm

Trifold paper map.

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