ap of Princeton, New Jersey with a red colored cover and illustrations of Einstein and George Washington.
Princeton New Jersey map with restaurants, shopping and the university campus.
Map of Princeton New Jersey town and surrounding area.
Map of Princeton New Jersey with lists of popular historic attractions and restaurants.
Princeton New Jersey map showing nearby popular historic attractions
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Princeton, NJ Town & University Map

Discover the exciting history of Princeton, the town where George Washington won his first major victory in 1777 and where Albert Einstein lived and practiced at the fabled Princeton University. From its charming colonial downtown to an abundance of lush green parks and preserves, not to mention restaurants and theatre, Princeton will amaze you!

Information on the Map:

Popular attractions & points of interest.
Restaurants and cafes.
American Revolution monuments.
Helpful brief historical descriptions.
Highlights of museums' art collections.
Centrally located hotels.
Outdoor spaces and parks.
Local shop and merchants.

Map Dimensions:

Opens to 24 in. wide x 9.5 in. tall; 61 cm x 19 cm.
Map folds to 4 in. wide x 9.5 in. tall; 24 cm x 19 cm.
No-glare matte laminated finish makes the map easy-to-read indoors and outdoors.

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