Red Maps Seen in TV/Film, Fashion & The Arts

Red Maps being used by characters in popular TV Shows, a major motion picture, as well as printed on a fabric by a New York fashion designer, and used as art in a Japanese Art Gallery.

Scene from Gossip Girl TV show of a character holding Red Map of New York City photo of game room from TV show Real World Washington DC with wall map of DC in background photo of Angel Chang designed clothing with images of the Red Map Soho in the fabric scene from Gossip Girl TV show of a character holding the Red Map Brooklyn scene from Glee TV show with a character looking at the Red Map NYC Scene from the movie I Am Legend showing a Red Map in a cabinet scene from the TV show called Lost of a character using the Red Map Los Angeles photo of Red Map SoHo with all its words cut out by the Japanese artist Ryuta Iida image of a wall map of New Orleans that was created for TV show Top Chef New Orleans scene from TV show Gossip Girl of a map prop of Boston photo of New Orleans wall map as it appeared on the TV show Real World New Orleans