Red Maps Videos of Cities

Four videos of cities that capture the life, culture, and vibe of Los Angeles, Berlin, Brooklyn and Paris. Created by artists and commissioned by Red Maps City Guides.

These short films of cities are made by talented people like you. We'll work with you to come up with the story where a Red Map is the subject. Then you'll create a story and film that captures the street life, energy and vibe of a city.

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BROOKLYN - Go Ahead Be A Tourist

Filmed and Created by:  The Spitting Image
Music by:  PIC, "Ginjoint"  PIC

Go ahead and be a tourist with this fast-paced
film by The-Spitting-Image that takes you through
the energized-streets of Williamsburg, Prospect
Park and of course, DUMBO.  Cleverly, the map
in the film tips-you-off to exactly where you are.



Filmed and Directed by:
Music:  "Loftcries"
Composed and Performed by:  Purity Ring

Artist Ian Sklarsky uses the Red Map Paris
to bring his blind-contour-drawing of the Eiffel
Tower to life.  The map itself is your reality as
you pass over the City-of-Lights' landmarks.



Filmed and Directed by:
Cristi Silva  ThatSoRadProductions
Music:   "Surfing on Solar Winds"
Composed and Performed by:


Cristi Silva has the Red Map fade-in-and out
over the gorgeous Los Angeles scenes she
captures with her camera.  Walking, but
especially by car, the film takes you from
the beaches of Santa Monica and Venice
to Beachwood Canyon and Hollywood.



Filmed and Directed by:
Namy Nosratifard
Music:  Porcelain Bridge
Composed and Performed by:

From a train station platform and winter park
scenes, to riding the U-Bahn, Namy Nosratifard
takes us on a voyeuristic journey through the
German capital.  The images, both exterior
and interior are at once beautiful and engaging.

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