Florence city foldout map with a red colored cover.
Florence map showing popular attractions and sights.
Foldout map showing. popular attractions in Florence.
Florence city map with detailed lists of popular attractions.
Map showing popular attractions near Florence's Duomo.
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FLORENCE City Center Map

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Foldout Travel Map of Florence

Laminated pocket-sized map of central Florence shows you in one easy-to-read colorful map everything you'll want to see the Renaissance city.

Information on the Map Includes:

Important historical landmarks.
Useful facts about Florence's attractions.
Museum collection highlights.
Central Florence boutique hotels.
Streets & squares clearly identified.
Charming local Italian merchants.
Parks, theatres and stadiums.

Neighborhoods on this Map

Florence Red Map shows these neighborhoods: Centro Storico for the Uffizi Gallery and the Duomo, and the Oltrarno area for the Pitti Palace and Boboli Gardens. Also included is a map of greater Tuscany that shows charming hill towns to visit near Florence. 

Map Dimensions

Opens to 24 in. wide x 9.5 in. tall; 61 cm x 19 cm
Map folds to 4 in. wide x 9.5 in. tall; 24 cm x 19 cm
No-glare matte finish, easy-to-read map indoors and outdoors.

Travel Tips for Florence 

Our travel blog has great ideas to help you enjoy your Amsterdam vacation, here is an article about  EXPLORING FLORENCE’S OLTRARNO NEIGHBORHOOD.

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