Map of spain and portugal with drawing of Spanish explorer on yellow cover.
Map of Spain and Portugal on the Iberian peninsula showing major cities.
map of Spain and Portugal with historical information.
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Spain Portugal History Map

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Map of the Iberian Peninsula's History

Entertaining map of Spain and Portugal 's historic events, persons, and wars on the Iberian Peninsula.

Spanish and Portuguese Royalty and Explorers

Learn about Spain and Portugal's explorers and conquistadors. Get a brief timeline of important events and the royal alliances that will lead to the formation of modern Spain and Portugal.

Learn about their famous explorers' such as Magellan, de Soto and Ponce de Leon's discoveries in the Americas and beyond!

Artists, Writers and Cultural Contributions

Map gives you brief notes on the artistic and cultural contributions by well-known Spanish and Portuguese artists in literature and the arts.

This map is a wonderful introduction to the history of the Iberian Peninsula and a great map for kids too!

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Map Size Open: 12" x 9" 30.5cm x 23cm

Trifold paper map.

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