Walking Tour of Midtown's Famous Monuments

Within a few blocks of each other are four of Manhattan's most famous architectural landmarks. To step inside each is to reward yourself with urban design treasures that cannot be created today without a limitless budget. We've lived and work in New York for over 35 years, but even today, these four monuments continue to amaze us.

St. Patrick's Cathedral in New York City exterior and central nave views.
Architectural interior details of St. Patrick's main altar and shrines.
To be sure, there are bigger, older and more historic cathedrals in the world - we've seen them, but none of them are more dazzilingly-maintained than the gleaming white-marbled St. Patrick's on Fifth Ave. A true show-stopper.

Views of Rockefeller Center ice rink, holiday huts, and promenade with Sak Fifth Ave in the background.
Rockefeller Center's take on a central square for the modern city has never been as successfully repeated. The center's ability to welcome crowds from various directions into its sunken plaza; surrounded by a harmonious collection of elegant stone buildings is essentially Urban Design 101. Be sure to see Jose Maria Sert's monumental mural "American Progress" in the lobby of 30 Rock.View of 30 Rockefeller Center from Fifth Avenue.

Fifth Avenue Library view from Fifth Ave.
What superlatives can we add to the spectacular Fifth Avenue Library. Its sculptures, proportions, artworks, and numerous reading rooms make it incomparable in the world of public buildings. 
New York Fifth Avenue Library marble lobby and arches.
Fifth Avenue Library marble stairs and ceilings details.

It is an uplifting experience to just walk through Grand Central Station's luxuriously designed central hall with its aqua-blue ceiling of astrological signs. Add to that its numerous soaring passageways lined in marble, grand stairways and shimmering chandeliers, and you have one of the finest gateways to any city in the world.
New York Grand Central Station exterior and interior.
Grand Central Station central hall and ceiling details.

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