Madrid Weekend of Art, Gardens and Shopping


Diego Velazquez Las Meninas in Prado Museum
Guide to an art-filled fun weekend in Madrid, with shopping, gardens and parks  and Chueca - a great neighborhood for dinner.  Ole!


Two of the most famous paintings in Madrid's main museum are: 
Las Meninas, a 17th century painting by Velazquez of a young princess and her attendants. (Pictured above)
La Maja Desnuda, Goya’s painting of the reclining nude woman.  There's another version with clothes: La Maja Vestida.
A Great Idea:  The Prado website provides highlights' tours, for one, two or three hours visits. Read more:  Prado What to See Tours.
Museo Thyssen-Bornemisza
The von Thyssen-Bornemisza Museum has one of the greatest collections of Impressionists, German Expressionism, and 14th-18th century art - in the world.   Its treasures left a memorable impression on Red Maps.


Parque de El Retiro
Here's four highlights to see in Madrid’s main park:
Plaza Parterre a small enclosed symmetrical garden of neatly trimmed and sculpted bushes and plants.
Jardines de Cecillo Rodriguez is a more extensive formal garden with elegant greenhouses and rows of beautiful plantings to admire.
Palacio de Cristal: Located in the middle of Parque del Retiro is an ornate 19th century metal and glass greenhouse, set on the edge of a pond.
Lago de El Retiro is a nearby expansive lake where you can rent a paddle-boat to take in the languid scene.

Eat & Drink:

For casual eating and drinks in Madrid, with no reservations, try the streets and plazas of the Chueca neighborhood. Chueca is youthful, gay and its lively cafes spill-out onto the streets. The atmosphere in Chueca is fun and relaxed.


100+ year-old Madrid Shops: 

Beauty:  Farmacia Deleuze - 39 calle San Bernardo
Bread: [h]arina 10 pl. Independenzia
Espadrilles:  Casa Hernanz - 18 calle Toledo
Fans:  Casa de Diego - 12 puerta del Sol
Antiques: See the shops in the Salamanca area along calle Columela.

Department Store: 

El Corte Ingles is the biggest multi-brand store in Madrid with locations in the Salamanca at c. Serrano, and in the Centro area at Puerta del Sol.

Designer Shops: 

Madrid’s high-end boutiques and designers are located in the Salamanca neighborhood, particularly along the streets of calle de Serrano, c. Jose Ortega y Gasset, and c. de Hermosilla.

map showing Prado and Museo Thysse-Bornemisza area

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