Princeton Princeton NJ

Classic American Town with so much History

Nassau Inn and the green space of Palmer Square in Princeton.Colonial buildings in downtown Princeton, New Jersey.

Located just an hour from either NYC or Philadelphia, Princeton offers you an abundance of restaurants, cafes and shopping in its delightful village. Nearby are American Revolutionary War landmarks, colonial era buildings, abundant outdoor trails and parks, theatre and architecture.

Last but not least, it is home to one of the world's greatest learning institutions, Princeton University. With all this town's history, the number of important historical figures who have lived in Princeton is truly remarkable.
Princeton University's Prospect Garden with statue.

In 1777, Princeton is where Gen. George Washington led the American troops to their first major battle victory over the British Red Coats in The Battle of Princeton.

Aaron Burr is buried in the town cemetery - his father was one of the founders of the university. President Grover Cleveland visited Princeton and liked it so much he retired here. And Founding Father William Penn at one time owned practically half the land in town. Albert Einstein lived and practiced his theories at the university for 22 years after he left Europe because of World War II.

Nassau Hall at Princeton University.

Since 1756 Princeton has been home to the venerable university whose students have included among others, F.Scott Fitzgerald, Michelle Obama, Queen Noor of Jordan, Pres. James Madison, Jimmy Stewart, Brook Shields and Senator/basketball legend Bill Bradley. Also studied here? The geniuses, Alan Turing, who was the subject of the movie The Imitation Game, and John Nash of A Beautiful Mind.

Interior view of Princeton University Chapel.

Like the town, the university's Gothic-styled buildings and campus are perfect for exploration, making for an enjoyable afternoon.

Gothic style stone archway at Princeton University.

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