Weekend in Paris Newly Restored Landmarks


3 Perfectly Restored Paris Landmarks

Any trip to Paris must include visiting these three beautifully restored landmarks in the city center.

Exterior view of Bourse du Commerce Pinault Collection by Studio Bouroullec


French industrialist Francois Pinault’s highly regarded contemporary and modern art collection arrives in Paris at the spectacularly reimagined Paris Bourse. The historic rotonda-shaped building dates from 1812-1889. The Pinault Collection includes works by an international spectrum of famous artists and creators.

Interior view of the Pinault Collection's Paris Bourse Rontonda.

View of the La Samaritaine atrium in Paris.


The historic La Samaritaine Department Store in central Paris has reopened after being closed for 15 years. LVMH and DFS have created a new multi-level luxury shopping experience designed around the building’s grand atrium. With this new chapter in its history, La Samaritaine’s south side, which faces the Seine, is now the luxuriously appointed hotel, the Cheval Blanc.

View of the gold and chandelier rooms in the Hotel de la Marine Paris.


Enjoy some of the finest examples of French decorative arts at the newly restored Hotel de la Marine, located on Place de la Concorde. The building was once the Garde-Meuble de la Couronne, which was the royal institution that managed the King’s furniture. For 200 years, it was the French Navy’s headquarters.

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PHOTO CREDITS: Commerce de la Bourse Pinault Collection: Exterior by Studio-Bouroullec; Interior by Marc Domage. La Samaritaine Interior Atrium by Matthieu Salvaing. Hotel de la Marine: Salon des Amiraux by Ambroise Tézenas - Centre des Monuments Nationaux.

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