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The Red Map Brooklyn asked a few of our merchants in Williamsburg to suggest their favorite cafes where they go to find a great cup of coffee and a casual bite.  Their answers are below, plus, we included a few of our own discoveries and favorites as we walked the streets of this iconic neighborhood.

Kai D. Utility

Kai D. Utility - 230 Grand Street - Tools & Clothing for Artisans.  A curated shop of beautifully crafted clothing and objects selected by Kai and Mun.  And they know their coffee, after a run-down of options they agreed on two spots to find a good cup.

Coffee & Fresh Food:

Black Brick - 300 Bedford Ave near Grand St.  A charming artistic space with talented baristas and methods.
Depanneur Mkt - 242 Wythe Ave at n. 3rd St.  An engaging shop with everything from coffee to fresh sandwiches to hard-to-find home goods.

Spoonbill Sugartown Books

Spoonbill Sugartown Books - 218 Bedford Ave. A mainstay of Williamsburg since 1999, offers an inviting space to zone-out and find a unique art book or work by a new writer.  Jonas, the owner, suggests the following:

Task New York

Task New York -  Anne Seally curates this emporium of lovely objects covering all categories for the designed-oriented lifestyle. (Task is now based in Toronto.)


Egg - 109 n. 3rd St near Bedford Ave.  Great for breakfast and a Williamsburg favorite.
Cafe Colette - 79 Berry St at n. 9th St. An airy-space with a nice vibe, great for dinner too.
Cantina Royal - 58 n. 3rd St near Bedford Ave.  Good Mexican food and an interesting space.

Additional Cafes to try in Williamsburg:

Devocion - 69 Grand St near Wythe Ave.  We stopped into Devocion's new cavernous, sky-lit space. This is the first location outside Bogota, Colombia for this artisanal coffee roaster.  Cold-press, anyone?
Kinfolk 90 - 90-94 Wythe Ave n. 11th St.  A cafe that is part of a larger lifestyle boutique and performance space - a perfect stopping point to take in the scene.
artisan products Williamsburg Brooklyn shops
cafe and store interiors Williamsburg Brooklyn

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